[wptab name=’Payment Schedule’]

Payment is needed in order to access the course materials:

Course Non-Credit Heritage Credit
Orientation Course $200 Non-Refundable $200 Non-Refundable
Course 1 $500 $720
Course 2 $500 $720
Course 3 $500 $720
Course 4 $500 $720
Course 5 $300 $520
Total $2500 $3600

The $200 Non-Refundable enrollment fee is applied to your course 5 payment.


[wptab name=’Enrollment Fee’]

Enrollment Fee:

When you register and pay a $200USD non-refundable enrollment fee you get access to the Orientation course which will help you get started with COETAIL. This fee will be applied to your course 5 payment. It cannot be applied to any other course payment or be transferred to another cohort and is non-refundable.


[wptab name=’Changing Program Policy’]

Changing from Non-Credit to Credit must be done before the end of Course 2. Please contact if you wish to move from the Non-Credit option to Credit option. Participants will be responsible for completing all Graduate Application paperwork and fees. An invoice will be sent to participants for the cost difference between the Non-Credit and Credit Program. Plus a $75 processing fee.

Changing from Credit to Non-Credit can be done at any point in the program. Please contact if you wish to move from the Credit option to Non-Credit option. If the change is requested within the first two weeks of a course, the cost difference between the two programs will be applied towards the next course fees. If the request is made after Week 2 of the Course, no refund can be applied.



[wptab name=’Late Payment Fee’]

Late Fee:

If an invoice is not paid within 20 days, then an automatic late fee will be charged at $20. Access to course material will not be available until payment is received.


[wptab name=’Withdrawal Fee’]

Withdrawal Fee:

We do expect you to commit to completing the entire program. We do not allow participants to “jump in and jump out” of classes or cohorts. Withdrawals not only hurt the learning curve of the participant but the greater learning community as well. Therefore we have set the following withdrawal fee schedule:

Non-refundable Fee Structure: Non-refundable Fee:
Cancellations (before start of course) Enrollment Fee
After week 2 of course Enrollment Fee + Course Fee