Online 9 Cohort Finishes Strong!

It was a busy 18 months but so proud of our Online 9 cohort participants who have completed COETAIL journey. Your learning and growth really shows through your Course 5 projects and through your blog posts for all five courses. I have to say it’s been a learning experience for me to be with you throughout the process. I’ve gained new perspectives and ideas through your experiences and reflections, expanded my own PLN, and have a whole new set of resources and examples to share with others. I know you all will continue your journeys in learning and growth and hope you might consider joining a future COETAIL 2 cohort or find some courses that meet your needs at Eduro Learning. No matter the direction you go from here, I encourage you to stay connected, continue to expand your PLN and find ways to build on what you’ve learned so far. I look forward to see where you go from here!


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