Finishing up Course 5

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A reminder that the due date of December 2 for your Course 5 Project is a hard deadline as it needs to be ready for other participants to provide Peer Feedback the week of December 3 – 9.

For Course 5 you need to complete the following…

Blog Post #1: Intro to Final Project
Blog Post #2: In Process (Your Choice for Topic)
Blog Post #3: Community Engagement
Course 5 Project video embedded in > Blog Post #4: Reflection on Course 5 Project by December 2
December 3- 9 Peer Feedback provided on your final presentation (see Week 2/Grading tab)
December 9 Course Ends!

Final Project Video

You should have already been planning for your project video and we’ve provided the expectations and lots of resources in the “Understanding the Course 5 Final Project” and  “Creating Your Video” sections of our COETAIL blog. Please refer to these sections  but important points to keep in mind….

*The video should be 10 minutes long. If you submit a video longer than 10 minutes you’ll be asked to re-edit and re-submit it. Remember you’ll be able to include additional information in your blog post about your final project. 

*Your video should address the following questions…

  1. What were your goals for your lesson/project (Standards)?
  2. What tools did you use? Why did you choose this/these tools for this/these task(s)?
  3. How did you go about introducing your lesson/project?
  4. How did the students react? Include actual samples of student reflection (video, images, etc).
  5. What was the outcome? Did you meet your goals?
  6. Evidence of learning? Remember to include student evidence like video, images, reflections.
  7. What would you do differently next time? What did you learn? (Reflection)
  8. How do/did you plan to share this with your colleagues?
  9. What was your greatest learning in this course?
  10. Did this implementation meet the definition of Redefinition?

Your video must demonstrate your understandings from Course 3, including:

  • Presentation Zen – if incorporating slides in your video, you must demonstrate effective design & avoid reading what is on the screen.
  • Creative Commons images and media, properly cited
  • Telling a story

Here are suggestions for what to include and what to do

  • Samples of work
  • Explain the level of transformation and how you demonstrate it
  • At the end “If you want to try this, here’s what I’d recommend, here’s what I learned”
  • Student feedback about the project & their experience
  • Explanation of tools used and why
  • What creative type of presentation style can you use? (Like the TAS example was modeled after Common Craft and mirrored the style of the students’ projects)
  • Instead of saying everything you think you did “ok”, focus on the things you did really well and explain why
  • Highlight successful differentiation strategies
  • Identify the target audience for the students

Please review “Sharing Your Final Project” for details on how to share your video and how you’ll give and receive feedback on Course 5 project videos. I’ll do more reminders about this next week.

Almost There!

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns as you finish up your work for Course 5. I’m really looking forward to watching your videos and reading your posts and reflecting on the learning and growth that you’ve experienced in the last year and a half.

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