Community Engagement & Timeline for Course 5

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Community Engagement

The pedagogical foundations and culture of COETAIL are all connected to community and it is natural that this is a focus for action and reflection in Course 5.

According to the Community Engagement rubric

Throughout this program we have asked you to be involved in the COETAIL community via blog posts, comments and group discussions. It is time for you to continue to build your own PLN in the spaces that interest you most, as well as contributing to the existing COETAIL community.

In course 5 we expect you to continue on your own to stay involved in the COETAIL community while building your own PLN in other spaces. Therefore, although you may choose to continue commenting on COETAIL blogs, you must also do more than that.

As I referred to in my previous post, this consists of…

  1. Communication: Find a social network/online space in which you can communicate and share in order to build a PLN.
  2. Consistency: Demonstrate a sustained level of engagement throughout Course 5
  3. Reflection: Culminating blog post describing and reflecting how you have created/developed your PLN/community (with evidence!)

For examples and ideas of how this might look for you see the rubric and Week 4: Commenting & Extending Your Reach. If you still need ideas, reach out to our Online 9 cohort to see what you might organize with others.

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As I also mentioned in my previous post, the time frame for Course 5 is different from the first four courses and the only set deadline is November 25th, when ALL elements of Course 5 are technically due. However, it’s obvious by the requirements that there are pieces that need to be done or in progress way before November 25th. So based on what needs to get done, I’ve created a recommended timeline.

September 10: Course Starts
September 30  Blog Post #1: Intro to Final Project
October 28 Blog Post #2: In Process (Your Choice for Topic)
November 11 Planning for Project video should be started by now
November 25
Course 5 Project video DUE and embedded in
Blog Post #3: Community Engagement DUE
Blog Post #4: Reflection on Course 5 Project DUE
November 26 -December 2 Peer Feedback provided on your final presentation (see Week 2/Grading tab)
December 2 Course Ends!

Throughout the course time frame, I will be checking in and am happy to schedule individual and group video chats. As always, feel free to contact me any time with questions, concerns and accomplishments!

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