Let Course 5 Begin!

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You’re well rested from a fantastic summer break, rejuvenated by an awesome start to the new school year and ready to tackle a final project. The finish is within reach and I’m excited to be a part of this culminating project of your COETAIL experience.

Course Overview

Course 5 is different from the first four COETAIL courses in it’s time frame and expectations.

Time Frame

First, it is over a much longer period, September 10 – December 2. However, this time can go really fast! All work must be submitted for this course by November 25th. The last week (November 25th – December 2nd) of the course is for you to watch other cohort members’ videos and provide feedback. It’s very important for you to know that there is no room for any extensions beyond November 25th so please manage your time and commitment to your final course assignments carefully.

The 3 Components

Your grade for this course is based on your application of what you have learned in your own classroom or working environment, your blog posts, and your own reflection and involvement in the COETAIL community.

Blog Posts (25%) (total of 4)

You are not required to post to your blog every week as in the other courses. However, as many of you have found throughout the other courses, blogging can be a great way to record and reflect on your progress as your project develops. You are only required to log 4 posts, including one about your final project during this course. (see Week 3: Ideas for Blog Posts for more information. FYI – There are requirements for 3 of the 4 posts)

COETAIL Community Involvement (25%)

Throughout this program we have asked you to be involved in the COETAIL community via blog posts, comments and group discussions. It is time for you to continue to build your own PLN in the spaces that interest you most, as well as contributing to the existing COETAIL community.

  1. Communication: Find a social network/online space in which you can communicate and share in order to build a PLN
  2. Consistency: Demonstrate a sustained level of engagement throughout Course 5
  3. Reflection: Culminating blog post describing and reflecting how you have created/developed your PLN/community.

Implementation of Learning and Final Presentation (50%)

The most important part of Course 5 is to take your work and reflections from the previous four courses and put it into practice. You’ll be rebuilding or enhancing a unit with your new knowledge and experience relating to technology integration and innovation. (see Week 2: Final Project In Depth for more details)

Independent within a Supportive Community

You’ve got a lot of freedom in this course to work in a way that meets your needs and interests but with some specific expectations. However, you have a lot of support from our Online 9 Cohort and beyond.  Continue to use your PLN as you work through this course. Ask each other questions, use the #COETAIL hashtag on Twitter, jump into the Google+ community that’s over 500 members strong. You can always reach out to anyone in the COETAIL community for help. Of course, I’m always available (email, Skype, Google Hangout, Twitter, etc) and so are the Awesome Coetail Coaches.

Let’s Get Course 5 Going!

So here’s a recommended “To Do” list for this week…

  1. Mark November 25th on your calendar as the deadline to have all Course 5 work finished. (Set as many reminders as you need!)
  2. Review the requirements for Course 5 (Weeks 1, 2 and 3) and note any questions you have or clarifications you need.
  3. Review your Course 5 project proposal(s) from Course 4. What will you take forward? What might you change? (This will set you up for one of your required blog post topics and get your formulating your plan)

I’ll be checking in along the way and looking forward to seeing what develops over the next few months!

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