Course 4: Final Project

image by TeroVesalainen via Pixabay

Wow! It’s time to wrap up Course 4 and plan for Course 5 – although you’re going to get a well deserved break before we start Course 5 in September. You’ve got plenty to do so I’m going to keep this post short and to the point. Course 4 has been digging in deeper about the effective use of technology for teaching and learning and to get you thinking about what you might do for your Course 5 project (although you are not limited to a topic from Course 4!). As you put together your plan for Option 1 or some ideas you are considering for Option 2, please review the Course 4 Final Project expectations and rubric. Overall, make sure you’ve completed and linked in the following items in your grade sheet…

  • One blog post for each week of the course plus one blog post reflecting on your final project (6 posts)
  • A final project embedded into your last blog post for Course 4
  • One comment for each week of the course (for a total of 5 comments)
  • GET: Completed Trainer video & application (Note: If you have not completed these or any other components for the GET, please work on getting them done before we start Course 5 in September 2018)

All course work should be completed by April 29 and I will finish with assessment and feedback and notify you of your final grade by May 6.

I’ll email more about Course 5 later but for those who want to look ahead, you can look over the Course 5 Expectations.

Have a great week and I look forward to reading about all your ideas and plans for Course 5!

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