Course 4 Begins: What is Technology Integration?

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Course 4 Technology: A Catalyst for Learning

Is it Course 4 already?! As you read the description of this course you’ll notice it covers a variety of topics related to technology integration in teaching and learning which will help you start developing ideas for your Course 5 Project (Fall 2018).

Course description
Research based best practice for the embedded use of technology for learning will be shared and practiced. The focus will be on the habits that provide students with the ability to use technology for its greatest learning advantage. The best use of laptop computers, tablets, etc will be addressed as embedded tools to foster optimum learning of the curriculum. The optimal use of communication tools such as podcasts, blogs, social-networks, Google Docs, and videos will be addressed with tips for management and strategies to promote maximum learning in classroom.

But we must start with the Essential Questions in Week 1: What is technology integration and does it work? What is your definition?

It can seem like a simple question, but from my experience with COETAIL and as an eLearning/Ed Tech/Innovation/ICT coach over the past 6 years, there are a variety of perspectives on what ‘tech interaction’ is, who should integrate tech, when it should be integrated and how, and how we measure its effectiveness in teaching and learning. Many frameworks have been developed over the years regarding the integration of technology including SAMR, TPACK, TIM and more recently T3 Framework (which I first learned of from Sara’s Course 1 blog post here).

Which framework should we use? That is something for you to explore this week! I look forward to reading about your perspectives on ‘tech integration’ and what tools or frameworks you use for some self-assessment.

I’ll leave with a few additional resources you might like to explore…

Really? It’s My Job to Teach Technology? (Jeff Utecht)
Making It Work: Structuring Technology-Rich Learning (Kim Cofino)
Administrative Walk-Throughs in a Tech Rich Classroom (podcast episode with Jeff Utecht on Shifting Our Schools)
The Laptop Learning Curve  (podcast episode with Kim Cofino on Shifting Our Schools)
And because the title caught my attention (but content is very relevant!)… Peering Past the Pixie Dust of Technology (Jill Hobson)


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