Week 1: Setting Up and Getting Started

Here we go! This week is mostly about getting you set up and running for our COETAIL cohort. I know it’s been a bit hectic and there have been stops and starts but just like getting ready for a new school year (which we’ve all been experiencing as well), it’s important to get these things in place for our learning and sharing to be possible for the rest of the course.

Here’s a checklist of what should be done by the end of Week 1.

  • Set up COETAIL blog
  • Set up and share your Grade Sheet with me
  • Completed the blog link survey
  • Set up your RSS Reader
  • Written your Reflective blog post (See Week 1: Getting Connected)
  • Let me know if you will be completing COETAIL with Google for Education Certified Trainer option (GET). Here is a blog post that explains the requirements COETAILers Current & Graduates requirements for receiving GET

Weekly Routine

In COETAIL, our courses are organized by weeks so it’s important to start working out a routine that works for you. You may set aside one day to do your reading and another to do your writing, or decided to do it little by little throughout the week. Whatever works for you is great. Just make sure you include the following in your routine:

  • Check your RSS Reader
  • Check in with the My Courses tab to see if something is new.
    • Especially the GET tab as we’re constantly updating that portion of the course
  • Complete the weekly readings.
  • Write a weekly blog post.
  • Write a weekly comment.
    • At least one that you’ll record on the spreadsheet, but the more you engage with each other the stronger the experience becomes
  • Document your work on your Grading Spreadsheet (links to blog post and comment) for assessment and feedback

Please make sure that as you are posting your blogs and commenting, you are also updating your spreadsheets. That’s how I know that you are ready for assessment and feedback. I’ve set up notifications on your spreadsheets to notify me when you make additions and edits. I recommend you do the same so you know when I’ve added comments. (in spreadsheet Tools > Notification rules).

If you ever have questions about assessment and/or feedback on your Grade Sheet, please feel free to let me know – you can e-mail me or even leave a comment on your gradesheet, whatever you feel comfortable with.

A few thoughts about writing blog posts…

You’ll submit your first post this week based on your readings and the process of getting set up for the course. If you’re new to blogging don’t worry. It will get easier. Try to find your own voice and style as you write. Remember, in most cases, the writing prompts are suggested topics for getting you started. You don’t have to respond exactly to the prompt. If you have an idea or connection that came to you based on the week’s readings, go for it. This is about you and your learning experience!

My Responsibilities

As your COETAIL instructor, my role is to support and guide you through this learning experience through feedback and assessment and communication.

Feedback and Assessment

As your instructor I will assess your assignments including blog posts, comments, projects and final grade and also leave formative and summative feedback. The majority of the feedback will take place on your grading spreadsheet.

More information about Assessment and Feedback
Orientation: Week 4: What can you expect in terms of assessment & feedback from the instructors?  


I will communicate frequently with you regarding anything that will affect the course via emails and our cohort blog. I will also let you know when I will be unavailable for timely responses (i.e. when I am at a conference, on break).

A few more thoughts…


I appreciate the commitment you are making by choosing to do COETAIL and having been through the program myself, I know that it requires time and energy. I realize that you are all busy with families and work and life in general as well and that things will come up that throw you off a bit. Please make sure you communicate with me if that happens or you are feeling overwhelmed, and I’ll work with you.

Our Cohort Blog

I’ll post here at least once a week with highlights from your posts, thoughts on the coming week and any tips or instructions you might need. I’m looking forward to reading your posts, hearing your perspectives and getting to know you. This is going to be a fantastic learning adventure for us all!

….And we’re off!

One thought on “Week 1: Setting Up and Getting Started

  1. Working out the kinks for myself and learning a whole lot along the way. Very excited to be a part of this learning community and utilizing these new found skills immediately in my current teaching position. I think I am going to enjoy taking some time to reflect on what I am learning about and balancing work, home and my education.


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